Al Shabaab militants claim responsibility of hotel attack in Mogadishu


Aerial view of Mogadishu

Al Shabaab militants claim responsibility of hotel attack in Mogadishu


Al-Shabaab terror group as claimed responsibility for the attack on a hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia in which at least 14 people were killed.

The incident occurred at around 4:55 on Saturday afternoon at the entrance of Nasa Hablood Hotel.

The blast was followed by gunmen forcing their way into the hotel in the capital of the worn-torn Horn of Africa nation.

The hotel – which hosts lodgings, bars, restaurants, and meeting halls – is frequented by, among many others, politicians and government officials.

Somali government forces have sealed the area.

The last Al-Shabaab attack was on June 2016 at Ambassador Hotel, a short distance from Nasa Hablood Hotel, which killed left several dead.

Security forces retook the Naso-Hablod hotel after gunmen stormed it and took hostages, officials said.

Those killed are reported to include security guards, civilians and some of the attackers.

Al-Shabab militants frequently carry out attacks in the city in their bid to topple the Western-backed government.

A suicide bomber first detonated a car with explosives at the gate of the hotel, and the attackers moved in, officials said.

Once inside, the gunmen shot randomly at guests, a witness said.

“They were shooting at everyone they could see. I escaped through the back door,” Ali Mohamud told the Associated Press news agency.

According to BBC, a gun battle then erupted between the attackers and security forces.

Police said at least four men were involved in the assault.

The victims included women working outside the hotel, Capt Mohamed Hussein said. It was not immediately clear if guests had also been killed.

The Naso-Hablod hotel, in southern Mogadishu, is often used by politicians and tourists.

The group said it targeted a place “frequented by the apostate government members”, Reuters news agency reported.

Earlier this month at least 10 people were killed and 50 injured in an attack on another hotel in the Somali capital, which was claimed by al-Shabab.

The al-Qaeda-linked group was driven from Mogadishu in 2011 but still remains a threat and frequently carries out attacks in the city.

The government, with the help of African Union forces, is fighting al-Shabab militants in several parts of the country.

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