10 mysterious deaths connected to conspiracy theories


There’s a hidden world of conspiracy and intrigue out there, so it’s no surprise that conspiracy theorists love to speculate about various unexplained deaths, particularly if the victim has some connection to politics or espionage. From a Native American activist found shot in the head to a Russian politician beaten to death in a hotel room, the deaths on this list continue to attract some fairly fevered speculation.

In 1995, Eugenio Berrios’s skeleton was unearthed on a beach in Uruguay. Berrios was a chemist who had become notorious for his work with Chile’s DINA intelligence agency. During the US-backed Pinochet dictatorship, he produced sarin gas and other chemical weapons in the basement of a Santiago villa.

After Chile became a democracy, Berrios was ordered to testify about his activities. Instead, Chilean intelligence officers smuggled him to Uruguay. However, Berrios feared for his life and escaped to a police station. Within hours, Uruguayan military intelligence surrounded the station and forced the police to hand him over at gunpoint.

The incident caused a scandal, but Berrios was never seen again. It’s been speculated that he might have been killed to cover up the Pinochet regime’s involvement in drug smuggling. Berrios is believed to be the creator of “black cocaine,” an odorless compound that could be smuggled past US border security. Who he was working for when he created it remains a matter of debate.

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