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For the nation to get united,  we must have laws that guarantees equal distribution of resources and employment opportunities.
The government of Kenya to belong to the people of Kenya and not a political party
Basic salaries of all government employees should be harmonized SRC to reflect the academic qualifications and experience. Any government employee who wants to seek a political office should be allowed by law to apply for unpaid leave within a period not less than six months to general election. Any political leader who loses the election before attaining retirement age should be considered for employment in government based on profession.
To reduce corruption in government, the government must partner with the people.

  1. Legislation
    To improve the lettering of our constitution to guarantee all the constitutional rights of the people and to make all the rights of the people under bill of rights in our constitution to be legal rights of the people which can be claimed by any Kenyan before any court of law.
    As a nation we want all the fundamental rights of the people which are already in our constitution to be put in the hands of our people. A right is only a Right when you can claim it before a court of law.  The nation want sovereignty of the people to be seen in the lives of our people. Sovereignty cannot only prevail during the election period.  Sovereignty is a package of rights and freedom which gives the people power over politicians to hold the leaders accountable.
    The constitution should compel the government to inform the nation of all national income flow from all sources after every three months for the people to know the financial contribution of every County to the national grid.
    For the people to hold the government accountable, the people should be informed Of Every money that is being collected by our national treasury.
  2. Land
    Government to conduct digital land survey in every part of the country to achieve the following:-
    -Village demarcation for every village to consist of not more than five hundred plots.
    -Geo are mapping to record the exact size of every land / plot
    -Geo area mapping of open space in every land as farming space or development space.
    -Provision of flowing plot numbers as physical address and any further land sub division to be subjected to plot number part A and part B.
    -Locating every parcel of land with its entry gate point Map coordinates into Google Map to enable GPS navigation to every home in every part of Kenya. To enable Kenyans to do business in their homes.
    -Digitalisation Of Land records
    -Distribution of title deeds to every Kenyan who has lived on a piece of land as his home for a period not less than ten years. Unless the purported land owner has legal sale agreement from the original land owner and prove of ownership
    -Mapping out all roads as located in the map as per the time Of Land adjudication to recover all grabbed road reserves to bring to an end the culture of directing roads to the homes of poor Kenyans. Road reserves have been grabbed by powerful people
  3. Devolution
    Kenyans do not know what 45% translates into allocation of funds to every county.
    45% of our budget of two point three trillion Kenyan shillings is about one trillion and thirty five billion Kenyan shillings which will enable each county to get about twenty two billion Kenyan shillings every year which will enable each Ward To get about 300 million Kenyan shillings for development leaving the County government with 50% at county level which translates into eleven billion Kenyan shillings every financial year. Since the average recurrent expenditure Of Every county government is about six billion Kenyan shillings every year, every County government shall then remain with five billion for mega county projects to guarantee equal growth of all counties.
    Government to develop plan and Bill Of quantities with engineer’s estimates as reserved cost of doing the project for every kind of a project to end misappropriation of funds at county level. We only need two types of plans and Bill Of quantities because there is a difference in foundation cost for loose ground and stable ground. From the ground floor slab to finishing, the cost is the same.
  4. Agriculture
    Agricultural extension officers to be posted in every ward and soil test to be conducted in every home in every village in every part of the nation.
    Soil test help in knowing the soil pH value which help the farmer to know the fertilizers to apply. Soil pH value is always from 1-14.
    When the soil pH value is at 7 is said to be neutral. When the soil pH value is below 7, the soil is said to be acidic.  When the soil pH value is over 7 is said to be alkaline.
    Most things grow between soil pH value between 5.5 and 7.
    Soil test form the base for botanic farming.
    Failure of government to conduct soil test to advise our farmers promptly is a major contributor for food insecurity.  From our independence to 1982, agricultural extension officers were available in our villages from urban areas to rural area offering technical agricultural support to people and encouraging many people to embrace kitchen gardening system which enabled our people to plant vegetables in very small spaces available in their homes. Pest and disease control technical support and free soil test service from agricultural extension officers encouraged many Kenyans to embrace subsistence farming which contributed a lot to our national food security.
    Seeds and fertilizers should be made affordable and accessible to our people in every town and market centres. Government should revive Agricultural Finance Cooperation to enable our farmers to access easy to pay loans to build their financial capacity for large scale farming.
  5. Security
    -Provision of physical address
    -Provision of new generation digitized biometric national identification card with biometric chip and physical address of the home of the applicant.
    -Development of national security server and installation of biometric registration system with internet connection in every chief’s office, police stations, guesthouses, hospitals,  immigration offices, etc.  The biometrics of any foreigner or visitor visiting for a night should be submitted to national security server by enacting a legislation to compel every Kenyan to register any person visiting for a night with the area chief and if the visitor is a wanted criminal, the area chief should be in a position of making the arrest of the person within few minutes. Biometrics of any person booking a room in any guesthouse should be submitted to national security server by receipt printing button. Etc
    -Independence of police service
    -Protection of scene of crimes and any police officer guilty of tempering with scene of crime should be guilty of the committed crime.
    -Any retired police boss should not be appointed to any position in government.
    -Introduction of crime reporting application which enables every Kenyan with a smart phone to download the application from play store and automatically becomes the civilian police.  The application should automatically fill in the map coordinates of the scene of crime and the nearest police station. Application should record  crime video and process payment for crime report
  6. Corruption
    To end corruption in a nation where the leaders and common citizens are corrupt, the government must apply top to bottom approach whereby common citizens are immune against corruption charges and instead they are handsomely rewarded for reporting corrupt government employees and any work done for the common citizens by the corrupt government employees are considered as valid and approved unless the work done infringes the rights of other people.
    Any successful petition against any corrupt government employee shall automatically enable petitioner to earn the retirement benefits of the corrupt government employee as a reward for reporting corruption case.  Corruption should be considered as capital offense to force any government employee accused of corruption allegations to step aside until proven innocent.
    Procurement laws should be fully honored and the government should develop a plan and Bill Of quantities with engineer’s estimates as the reserved cost of doing the project for every kind of a project to  end misappropriation of funds. Certificate of completion should be raised by the relevant government ministry to end corruption in county governments. National government, county government office, constituency office and ward development office should have a major role to play in implementation Of Every project.
    The national government and county governments should inform the public about every money that they receive from every source for public to hold them accountable.

Carey Ochieng Ogonyo is a social commentator.


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