Young man misses death narrowly after being thrown out of a moving matatu


Hezbon Onyango Otieno who is recuperating from injuries he sustained during the accident. PHOTO/COURTESY


A young man has God to thank after he escaped death narrowly after being thrown out of a moving matatu (public service passenger mini-bus).

Hezbon Onyango Otieno who is recuperating from injuries he sustained during the accident at home said he thanks God for saving him from imminent death.

“The vehicle was cruising when two touts grabbed me and threw me out without any provocation,” he said.  The matatu concerned registration KCJ 656A belongs to  Nimoa Sacco.

Otieno said he suffered soft tissue injuries, dislocation on his left hand and bruises on the face, fingers and knees.

On December 29, 2017, Otieno boarded a matatu at Kenya Railways bus terminus heading to Karen. The matatu tout has said the vehicle was using the Southern bypass route.

“However, after the vehicle left the stage it took the Ngong Road route resulting in protests from passengers. The tout approached me for fare and when I hesitated to give him money warned me of dire consequences and went away to collect money from other passengers,” Otieno said.

Narrating his ordeal to the Daily Reporter, Otieno said while the vehicle was approaching City Mortuary two touts accosted him from his seat and threw him out of the vehicle.

A matatu at work. Touts are on the spot for unnecessarily harassing passengers. PHOTO/COURTESY


“When I landed on the ground, I struggled and wrote the vehicle number plate. The touts stopped the vehicle and came after me and started beating me up. Others passengers in the vehicle came out and apprehended one of the touts while the other fled,” he said.

Otieno said some of the passengers took him to Nairobi Hospital while others called the police who took one of the touts and the vehicle to Kilimani Police Station.

“Two passengers recorded statements over the incident while I was later asked to go and do the same,” he said.

However, our inquiries indicate that no suspects have been arraigned in court over this case and even the tout who was arrested was later released.

When contacted, a senior police officer at Kilimani Police Station said investigations have been completed and suspects are set to be charged.

“So far investigations are over and I have to confirm with the investigating officer when the suspects are supposed to appear in court,” the police officer said.

Otieno’s relatives asked National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to take disciplinary action against Nimoa Sacco and the matatu involved as touts had become notorious in harassing passengers.

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