10 bizarre cases of corpse smuggling


Thousands of pills containing the powdered flesh of fetuses. Photo courtesy of Listverse.

The dead are in demand. Whether used for religion or medicine, corpses bring top dollar. People are willing to put their freedom and lives on the line to plunder the dead for profit.

These bizarre cases of corpse smuggling are merely the cases of individuals who were caught. We may never know how much corpse smuggling occurs in the shadows.

In 2012, South Korean officials seized thousands of pills containing the powdered flesh of fetuses. The pills were labeled as stamina boosters but intended to satisfy a demand for cannibalism. They were manufactured in China, and their grisly nature has ignited international tensions. The Chinese blamed the South Koreans. The South Koreans blamed the Chinese.

Aborted and stillborn children were harvested for the process. They were refrigerated before microwave drying. The corpses were then pulverized, mixed with herbs, and put into capsules. China has a tradition of eating aborted fetuses and placentas, which are considered part of the mother.

This unorthodox medicine is believed to increase sperm supply and blood flow. In 2007, the Hong Kong publication Next Magazine reported that fetuses were a trending health supplement in China. They noted that demand had outgrown supply and that buyers were getting their fix directly from hospitals.

Read more: http://listverse.com/2016/09/15/10-bizarre-cases-of-corpse-smuggling/

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