Editorial Policy


Next Generation Media Ltd the publishers of DAILY REPORTER and POLITICS NOW, HEALTHY YOU, CORPORATE SAMURAI and AFRICA ECO NEWS shall aspire to be as professional as possible in line with the known tenets governing the journalism profession globally.

These include truth and accuracy, independence, fairness and impartiality, humanity and accountability.

We shall also integrate journalism into the democratic process by enhancing public interest journalism as the media not only informs the public, but it also works towards engaging citizens and creating public debate.

At  Next Generation Media Ltd we are not going to dance to whims of any interests as our editorial content will be published for its news value and not to appease, or respond to political, commercial or any other reasons.

We understand that freedom of expression is never absolute as there are restrictions on privacy, hate speech, libel, state secrets and many others

We shall however, endeavor to protect Freedom of Speech and of the media by ensuring we do not yield to any pressure from anybody or any institution that might want to prevent the free flow of accurate and factual information.

Next Generation Media Ltd is also going to ensure that it safeguards the pillars of democracy that includes offering an environment in which everybody enjoys press freedom as it is not only a human right but because an independent press offers citizens of any republic a chance to fight oppression.